Software Engineering

Valador develops collaborative web architectures for data management and workflow automation.

Valador uses state-of-the-art development tools and processes based on iterative spiral approach to ensure our solutions provide the functionality and performance our clients require. Valador provides software development services for military, civil, and commercial companies with an emphasis on information architectures and simulation applications. We develop collaborative web architectures for database management and workflow automation. Valador develops all software using SCRUM an Agile Development methodology to ensure optimum performance and customer involvement.  Valador is appraised at Level 3 of the Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI V1.2 DEV). Valador is now one of only nine Verified SDVOSBs to be appraised at CMMI ML 3, and one of only three appraised at CMMI ML 3.

Our Software Engineering services encompass:

  • Valador Management Information System (VMIS™) for Distributed Project Management
  • Valador Information Assurance Decision Support System (VIADS®)
  • Valador Multimedia Management System (VMMS®)
  • System Architectures
  • Relational Database Development and Management in Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
  • Website, Web Portals, Dashboards, and Other Information Accessibility Solutions
  • Web-enabled Access to Information Databases
  • Web enabled SQL Server Database
  • Multi-server Encryption to Meet Federal Security Requirements
  • Monte Carlo and Stochastic Processes
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Continuous and Discrete Event Simulations
  • Information Visualization with 3D, Immersive Solutions
  • Remote Collaboration Solutions

Valador develops all software using SCRUM an Agile Development methodology.