Valador offers award-winning processes and professionals to support your information security needs.

Valador Information Assurance Decision Support System (VIADS®) is a tool that Valador developed for Information Assurance operations including analyst, management and executive decision support. This built-in capability enhances the security posture of customer networks and reduces operational costs.

Specifically, VIADS® provides:

  • Real-time alerts with drill-down and reporting capabilities
  • Analyst tools and references
  • An Executive Dashboard view of the status of IA data and modules
  • Easy access to pertinent information related to the IA Mission
  • A decision tree capability for IA Analysts
  • Automated Standard Operating Procedures that can be customized for your requirements

The session playback feature provides an implicit training tool for junior analysts. All based on Open Source software, the VIADS® console features an easy-to-use gaming interface. This web-based gaming interface was programmed in PHP and Flash. VIADS® is powered by a MYSQL database.